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In case you have rented a house, you would definitely know that you want to move in a serviced and clean property done by End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne professionals. In most of the places, it’s a must that the property needs to be clean before the new tenant comes in. But the residents are expected to properly maintain cleanliness throughout their course of the tenancy. The deep cleaning is properly done right before tenants move away from the property.

The house owners have all the right to getting back their house during the initial conditions. Because of this, the new tenant needs to pay for the bond. In case any kind of repairs or the cleaning services are needed while the tenants move out, the house owner would deduct these charges from the bond money. In case the tenants give back the house in a good condition, they would be entitled to the entire amount of bond money.

For tackling these issues, the professionals’ firms have now introduced a service that is End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne. The professional cleaners are trained for doing a thorough clean-up for the rented house. These types of services are affordable and help in making sure that the tenants retrieve the whole bond money.

The services offered through the end of lease cleaning

  • Floor and room cleaning services
  • Removal of moulds and pest infestation
  • Cleaning the patio, garden and driveway
  • Walls, windows and doors cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Debris removal

Importance of end of lease cleaning

Approximately 50% of deposit disputes happen because of inadequate cleaning services. The bond money is equal to 6 month’s rent and that is a huge amount and the tenants can’t afford to lose it. Similarly, the landlord would not bear that the tenant returns the property in bad conditions.

In case the tenant doesn’t do proper cleaning or employ anyone for doing it, the landlord would employ a firm and charges would be discounted from the deposits. The landlord would employ a firm that offers best services and would even worry about the fee as it would be paid from the pocket of the tenant. This causes a number of disputes.

Why do people need to hire end of lease cleaning services?

  • The cleaning products are quite harmful and thus need to be carefully handled. Getting allergic reactions is very easy
  • You would save a lot of time
  • Your cleaning might not be good especially as compared to the experts
  • The cleaning company would have all the required equipment for cleaning. You don’t need to spend unnecessarily

Before moving into the new property, you should thoroughly check that there’re no damages in the property. In case you feel that it requires some kind of repairs, then you should bring it to the landlord’s attention.

It is always good to hire End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services as they help in getting your bond money back.


End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne experts cleans the house thoroughly. This helps the tenants in getting their full bond money back. So hiring these services can be quite helpful.

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