End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

The tenancy period is full of emotions; once we have to find another accommodation, the fear of losing the bond amount does not let the tenant sleep peacefully. Therefore, OZ Vacate Cleaning offers a full proof end of lease cleaning Melbourne services to keep tenant and landlord at peace. Our vacate cleaning Melbourne services can assure thorough cleaning, therefore, tenants need not worry about deducting a single penny due to a frustrated landlord. We have smart and well trained experts who can handle the exit cleaning Melbourne requirements with ease. No landlord would like to see a damaged and in disrepair rental home. Therefore, they demand a security deposit before handing over the keys to the house to a tenant with an agreement that if they return it in poor condition, the landlord can deduct the amount.

To uplift the aesthetic of your home, Cleaning is the best option! Especially when you are thinking to leave your house… END OF LEASE is the term that everyone tenant is thinking! And you have a great chance to hire the affordable End of lease Cleaning Melbourne, For that…

You will never get your bond amount back without availing vacate cleaning as this is the only way which can impress your homeowners and so your bond amount. And Not every Cleaning service provider offers a different package for them, exit cleaning or bond cleaning service or end of lease cleaning service.

So, Do You Have These Questions In Your Mind While Thinking About The End of Lease cleaning?

  • Should I consider the carpet cleaning in this service?
  • Will my windows and doors be cleaned?
  • What about my upholstery cleaning?
  • May the Wall, and floor cleaning is included at the end of tenancy cleaning?

Don’t doubt, or not stay in a dilemma, Call us at – 1300 404 405, to understand about the moveout Cleaning / Bond back cleaning Service in Melbourne.

Let us help you to solve all your doubts as well as help to take care of your bond cleaning needs, and you just enjoy the process… or Do something that you like! The expert team of the cleaner will provide the immaculately clean and shining property to you, and you will be satisfied as well as impressed. OZ Vacate Cleaning understands the importance of the lease or deposited amount so we give you the assurance that we will work for you until you get the last dollar… So don’t Worry about the lease or deposited amount because it is, 100 % BOND BACK GUARANTEE!!!

The OZ Vacate Cleaning are licensed as well as experienced, so they are well capable enough to clean the spots in your home.

The Full Range Of Vacate Cleaning Services in Melbourne Includes,

You should choose the cleaners that have a good track record as well as responsibility, who can provide the thoroughly checked and insured workforce with well-reputed cleaning service so you can rely on that completely.

As per the end of lease rules,

The landlord can request the same level cleanliness as it was in the document into the move in the inventory report.


And, we have that cleaning quality – Every OZ Vacate Cleaning is intensively trained,-has a great experience, and – try to satisfy your cleaning needs. The main of our team is, Deliver your Tidy property that can meet the high standards. We provide full-fledged end of lease cleaning services, our cleaners work energetic 24*7 days, and they provide bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning service in the domestic and commercial environments. You have to register your appointment with us before you want this service and we will be ready to serve you on the same day.

Why Choose OZ Vacate Cleaning Melbourne?

After deciding to hire the best vacate cleaning professional for services Melbourne wide, if you are looking to choose the right end of lease cleaning Melbourne company then don’t worry we are here to help you with our expertise in the lease Cleaning services. We reinvent the cleaning strategy and adopted professionalism for you. We ensure that your leased property looks dazzling and spotless so that you can save your time and focus on other important work. You should choose for vacate cleaning solutions because we provide:

1. Comprehensive Cleaning Solution: We offer a complete range of cleaning solutions with top-notch cleaning services.

2. Guaranteed Results: All cleaning services are quality-assured, and they all are performed with a well-integrated cleaning strategy. Also, give the 100% Bond Back Guarantee( Terms and Conditions Apply).

3. Budget-Friendly Cleaning: The rates of our vacate cleaning Melbourne service is not so high, you can afford it.

4. Best Customer Support: We strive for customer support with proper communication. You connect us by any medium like phone, email, and chat. Always ready to answer!

Other than this, we also use the best quality cleaning Tools, has highly trained staff, the services are fast as well as effective, offer 100% satisfaction and the service is cost-effective.

Make the right choice when thinking about Exit Cleaning Melbourne service, we are professionals who bring a passion for the cleaning job and want to delight every customer with the utmost services. If you wish that this would not happen to you, reach out to OZ Vacate Cleaning – the best bond cleaning company in Melbourne today. So, Attention Please- You don’t have to come here to get help! Call on: 1300 404 405


Each company has a different price range for the end of lease cleaning. However, OZ Vacate Cleaning offers 5 cleaning packages, which covers different cleaning services & areas along with variation in prices.

Well, it depends on how much work is required to clean a specific area. If your house needs only a touch-up or is not much dirtier, it could take 2 to 3 hours. In case you have stains, thick dirt, buildups, etc., it could take around 8 hours to get rid of all of this.

The answer is simple: as clean as it was before you moved in. However, in today’s time, where viruses and infections are increasing their pace with humans, it has become crucial to sanitize the entire house.

Everything in your home must be cleaned before you move out, including your carpet. The end of the lease cleaners can clean the carpet with their tools, such as steam cleaning.

A normal end of lease cleaning includes: all areas in the hallway, lounge, bedroom, kitchen & bathroom surfaces, drawers, cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen appliances, and various other things.

OZ Vacate Cleaning is a genuine and eco-friendly exit cleaning option. Our prices are transparent, and our services include no hidden prices.

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