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Moving to a new home is one of the most difficult events we will go through in our lives. Moving is often time-consuming, frustrating, and disgusting, from cancelling utilities to organizing mail redirection to the dreaded End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne service. Even the most seasoned house-movers face an unavoidable scramble at the end to complete all required tasks and tie up loose ends, regardless of whether they began the process weeks before their scheduled vacate date.

If you’re a renter, the issue of recovering your whole rental bond would be on your mind as well. Landlords and real estate agents are notoriously unpleasant to work with when it comes to issuing rental bonds, withdrawing funds for the most insignificant of purposes (always linked to cleanliness!).

However, OZ Vacate Cleaning has got your back! We have exclusive end of lease sweep solutions for your move out plans. Here are the common mistakes you need to avoid when talking about the end of lease cleaning:

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Lack of preparation:

As the saying goes, if you don’t intend, you’re planning to fail. Leaving your end-of-lease cleaning to the last minute almost guarantees a landlord complaint. Ideally, you should have your property fully vacated and professionally cleaned first thing in the morning – or the night before. Wet, streaky tiles, missing areas, and patchy polishing are all guaranteed to trigger a bond war.

  1. Trying to DIY:

If there’s one time to put your DIY dreams on hold, it’s when you’re cleaning out your apartment. Enlist the support of experts. Our professional end of lease cleaners company not only has all of the necessary equipment and materials, but we also know exactly what Melbourne landlords are looking for. We meticulously follow a checklist to ensure that your bond is returned in full.

  1. Allowing Cleanliness to Lapse For an Extended Period of Time Before moving:

When you realise, you’re about to pass, it’s convenient to put your general upkeep on the back burner. Allowing simple cleaning activities to fall through the cracks just increases the size of the end-of-lease cleaning job! To prevent higher costs and stress as you travel, try to keep up with your daily house cleaning routine as much as possible.

  1. Forgetting to Clean and Maintain your Home’s Exterior Areas:

It can seem obvious, but if you want your bond back, the exterior areas of your property must be spotless. Balconies, courtyards, backyards, and patios are often ignored in favour of the home’s interior areas, but they are a target for savvy landlords.


You may think that a DIY spot-cleaning with water and household cleaning items would satisfy your landlord – but you’d be wrong! Soaking carpets and applying the incorrect products can exacerbate the problem. OZ Vacate Cleaning steam cleans your carpets by trained end-of-lease cleaners – the results will speak for themselves. We take pride in our cleaners in providing the best effective Exit cleaning Melbourne service possible.

Do you have any further questions? You can ask us to our expert’s team.

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