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End of lease cleaning can be stressful because there is so much stuff from packing, cleaning, taking bond amounts back to wrapping out all your necessary stuff. It’s advised to hire the expert End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne to make moving out stress-free and efficient. In many cities, exit cleaning has been a legal rule with the agreement between tenants and landlords. End-of-lease cleaning actually helps both tenants and landlords to have a clean property with total satisfaction and a secure bond amount.

When you are planning to move into any property, you also expect the clean and hygienic house to stay comfortably without any problem. There are many industries offering cleaning services according to needs at a reasonable price. Never compromise in choosing the best Exit Cleaning Melbourne service because it’s the matter of getting bond money back and peaceful move-out.

  • Check The Most Used Areas Such As Carpet, Upholstery, and Rugs:

Carpet and upholstery are generally called a high-traffic area as it is the most used and dirty area where we walk. Ensure carpet is properly cleaned with a complete stain and bacteria removal with a pleasant smell.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

  • Check Bathroom and Pantry Areas:

The bathroom is the most wanted area that land-lord checks thoroughly because it is the regularly used area and it can be called the dirtiest place too. So, make sure your bathroom area is sparkling clean with freshness and good smell. Don’t forget to inspect showers, washbasins, and other taps.

  • Have a Look at Every Corner of the Kitchen:

The kitchen area needs the most cleaning and efforts as the kitchen counter is the daily use area for cooking where oil and species are splashed unknowingly. Ensure the stains and dirt are completely removed from the kitchen platform. Check corners and electric fittings of the kitchen. Also, check the drainage system and sink properly.

  • Check Tiles, Showers, and Sinks Properly:

Showers and other metallic substances get rust easily if you do not take proper care. Metal is reactive to many chemicals that you might be using as tiles cleaner and sink cleaner so, check that showers and tiles are not discoloured due to any reaction as it might cause problems at the end moment.

  • Check the Bedroom Area:

The bedroom should be well-arranged with all the stuff. Try to make the bedroom look as it was earlier before the move-out. Clean the furniture and mattress, check whether the bedsheets and pillow covers are clean.

  • Check Windows and Walls:

The window shows it all from its outside appearance, so window cleaning is the most unavoidable task because if the window looks dirty from outside then it may spoil the image of the house and cause trouble in getting the bond amount back.

  • Visit the Garden Area for Surety:

If your tenant property includes a garden, make sure to clean it as it may cause you to lose deposit money. The Garden is the outdoor area since it is most prone to dust, leaves, and many more.   Check whether grass and plants are trimmed properly and most importantly. if the garden has patio furniture or decks, ensure it is completely dust-free and in good condition.


It always advised to hire the standard cleaning company because taking risks in exit cleaning is not a good idea at all, ultimately if the landlord is not satisfied, it will cause to loss of the bond money. Call OZ vacate cleaning today for End of Lease cleaning issues with the 100% bond and satisfaction guarantee.

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