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In the whole life, it’s obvious we all may have made some cleaning mistakes and learned from the mistakes. But sometimes, the mistakes can’t be affordable when it’s time for exit cleaning. Everyone is worried about the bond money when it comes to moving out. Cleaning mistakes can lead to issues in getting the deposit money back. It’s important to check every corner and hidden area of the rented place to be 100% sure that you will get your complete deposit money back. Consult the expert end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals to have easy moveout with the total deposit returns.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the most common end of lease mistakes that can cause issues for bond money!

1)    Not testing with the carpet cleaning products

It might happen that you spotted the older stains after a long time, but they can be only removed with the help of a professional cleaner. As the stain is older, it might require a strong cleaning agent to get rid of the stain. But it’s important to test the carpet cleaning products or else it can damage the carpet and you might have to spend on replacing the carpet.

2)    Soaking the dirty upholstery in water for a long time

Soaking the stained upholstery in water may cause to stain more on other areas. Cleaning stain with water is never a good idea as it just makes things worst.

3)    Use of spray cleaners on an electronic appliance

Never experiment with the readymade spray cleaners on the electronic equipment as it could make it even worse. Instead use vinegar and water to clean using a soft microfiber cloth.

4)    Vacuuming in the wrong direction

Vacuuming in one direction is never enough for cleaning. To clean the carpet properly, vacuum forward and backward to get rid of dust efficiently.

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5)    Scrubbing on carpet wet stains

Scrubbing the stains actually makes the stain spread more. Instead, blot as much as you can. Drying the stain effectively makes the stain removal process easier. After blotting, you can follow by cleaning with detergent and vacuum.

6)    Ignoring the cooker hood filter

If you cook frequently, then you must not avoid the cooker hood filter. Consult experts to get the cooker hood filter check instead of trying by self.

7)    Avoiding fans and filters

While cleaning, it can make exhaust fans and filters more dirtier. The dirt can get clogged in the filters and damage the whole system. Generally, the exhaust fan can be easily cleaned with the help of warm water and soap.

Final thoughts,

it’s important to keep the rental property extra clean and handle it with care because we don’t owe that place, it’s your responsibility to return the rental property in a good condition so, that owner satisfactorily returns the bond money without any excuses. Always hire the experienced exit cleaning Melbourne company even if you do cleaning regularly because there is a lot of difference between self-cleaning and professional cleaning. Choose oz vacate cleaning for the first-class professional cleaning for the stress-free move out. We offer a wide variety of reliable cleaning packages to suit every budget.

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