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We know that you want to move out of your rental property without any conflicts or complications. It can be a smooth process if you figure out the right requirements and plan early regarding every minute detail of these requirements. One such aspect is choosing the reliable end of lease cleaning Melbourne like us to leave your property in a condition required by the landlord.  

Yes, bond cleaning Melbourne can be a bit intimidating due to the fear of losing certain nooks and crannies of the rental property that could lose them the bond money. 

  • Leave The Property Spotless

Final cleaning is a necessary service that needs attention before completing the move. Payment for professional services is not required by law, but most property managers recommend it. The first thing you have to do is remove all your belongings from your property. Do not leave anything behind, including trash. You should keep the location completely clean. Otherwise, additional charges may apply. The rental property must be in the same condition as when you moved in.

  • Scan Through The Rental Agreement

There are certain conditions you have agreed to when you start renting real estate. Please keep in mind that rental agencies may have inconsistencies regarding terms and policies. You may have forgotten details such as payment rules and regulations. If you know these things, you will be familiar with how to terminate a lease. Make a note of the important details on your rental agreement on your calendar to keep them up to date. In the rental agreement, you can see the responsibilities you have to take before you move out.

  • Final Inspection

An on-site exit/deposit inspection will be booked. We ask the tenants to be present in order to compare the current state of the property with the situation at the start of leasing. A deposit may be charged for damage or the need for cleaning, which is rare. Upon approval of the landlord, the full deposit will be refunded.

  • Take Photos To Compare Against The Condition Report.

Most importantly, to ensure that the full deposit is returned, the individual should take a picture of the property once the bond cleaning Melbourne is complete and ask the realtor to report the condition of the property. Please also take a picture of your new property before moving in. These precautions protect tenants from potential disputes and cleaning fees from landlords.

  • Getting Your Bond Back

Whether or not the deposit is fully refunded depends mainly on the condition of the property after the final inspection. However, other steps need to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Individuals must fill out a security deposit refund form and send it to the concerned professionals after the security deposit is complete to ensure that everyone on the security deposit signs the form. In addition, individuals need to contact the landlord to discuss and agree on how to pay the security deposit. This should be documented in writing to avoid the possibility of refunds in dispute later.

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