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In general, end of lease cleaning Melbourne may not be difficult or technical, but mistakes can be made. As a resident, if the landlord wants to be happy with the condition of the apartment when moving, he should avoid such mistakes. It is important to see common mistakes that can affect your move in or move out from permanent carpet stains, worn furniture, dirty surfaces, and even damaged appliances. 

Continue reading the blog till the end to prevent exit cleaning Melbourne mistakes! 

  • Do Not Clean The Fan Or Filter 

The invisible parts of the property, such as the fan or filter, are forgotten. It can be very dirty during your tenure. The filter can become clogged If you do not clean the filter, and easily damage the entire system. The extractor can be quickly washed with warm water and soap. 

  •  Don’t Clean The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is another household appliance commonly used in the kitchen and you often forget to clean it. Cleaning is often important as it was created to pick up dirt on dishes. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove the filter. Soak in soapy water for 30 minutes. When clean, put it back in the washing machine, add a glass of detergent and run the washing machine’s hot water cycle. This removes all fat and removes odours.

  • Spraying Directly On The Surface 

Spraying a cleaner directly on a countertop or furniture can cause the product to accumulate on the surface and make cleaning difficult. It can also attract more dust. To avoid this, spray the cleaning agent on the cloth, not on the surface to be cleaned. 

  • Do Not Clean The Extraction Hood Filter Regularly

For regular cleaning, the extraction hood is often ignored. If you cook frequently,  use it often. The extraction hood filter may be clogged with dirt or grease. See the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to clean it. Not only does this help the device absorb more fat from the air, but it also prevents the device from being damaged. 

  •  Don’t Test Carpet Cleaning Products

 If you have a carpet stain that you didn’t find or treat right away, it’s time to turn to a powerful professional carpet cleaner. However, it is a big mistake to apply the detergent directly to the stain without testing it in a small, invisible place. It can do more damage to your carpet. 

  •  Don’t Deal With The Mould Problem

Another big problem that needs to be dealt with immediately when it happens is mould on the rental property. This may be due to the property not being properly ventilated and the surface and floor being damp. The most common place where mould can grow is in the bathroom. Wipe the tub, shower screen, and tiles to remove germs, and always keep the doors and windows open after leaving the bathroom to avoid this. 

If there are already signs of mould, it is best to contact an expert to resolve the problem. Choose OZ Vacate Cleaning to get the best exit cleaning Melbourne service; call us to know our quotation.

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