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So, finally, you are moving to another place and leaving your rental apartment. Relocating is frustrating, without any doubt – but the most tedious job is to deal with the property owner. Ugh!!! That scary face of the landlord when you return their rental house messy is a bit hard to imagine. The only open window you can have is End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne experts.

You hear right. We, OZ Vacate Cleaning Company, reside in Melbourne and cater to all the nearby suburbs can be your safeguard.

As a concerned renter, you might have a question on how many days it will take for us to complete a thorough Exit cleaning Melbourne. Well, it will depend upon many factors, like the area of a rental house, the amount of mess, the service or packages you select, and many others that can intimidate the time.

Most lease cleaning companies offer cleaning packages to their customers so they can select the plan according to their needs.

The plan includes, whether you want them to clean the bedroom, kitchen, and drawing-room, or you want a thorough cleaning, including windows, oven, sofa, upholstery, and every little corner of your rental house. To determine the package that you fit in, you should take a look into your home and figure out which areas require complete cleaning and which areas you can handle at own.

After getting a clear idea, a big challenge arrives – selection of the right end of lease cleaning Melbourne Company. How will you hire them? What will you look into them? Which sort of services do you expect from them? – These all are serious things you should worry about.

The Importance of End of Lease Cleaning

Without cleaning the apartment where you lived for many months or years, could be a sign of an irresponsible personality. As a responsible individual, you should always take a look into how you can keep the relationship with your landlord for a lifetime. This is not only because of the bond amount that you have paid before entering the house, but it indicates your genuineness.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

How Much Will it Cost?

As said above, most of the companies offer packages to their customers. Also, they keep special discounts for their new customers as well. Hence, to find the answer to this question, you should contact that respective company. Moreover, there are many other factors and extra charges that may add up to the final amount. So, before you hire any company for the lease cleaning, you should ask them about additional charges.

Make sure that they use quality and toxin-free detergents and chemicals to deal with germs and bacteria in the place. Ask them for a 100% bond back guarantee before investing money into their services.

Bottom line,

Reach to OZ Vacate Cleaning for all End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne requirements. We have been in the business for a longer period, and so we have enough expertise to deal with stubborn bacteria, and stubborn landlord too.

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