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The answer to this question is no because both the terms are the same and used for the same purpose. If your lease time is nearer then you may need to search out for end of lease cleaning Melbourne before it’s late.

Every tenant requires support from professional exit cleaning Melbourne Company to return keys of the rental house confidently to the landlord. But if you are confused between the end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning then let me clear you that both are the same.

OZ Vacate cleaning is a company that serves the end of lease cleaning services and many companies even use bond cleaning, move out or move in cleaning, or exit cleaning terms for the same services.  

Let’s check out three points explaining how to bond cleaning is like the end of lease cleaning. 


When we talk about leaving a rental property, it becomes extremely difficult to leave the rental house in a messy condition. You will have to spend time making it look the way it used to look when you entered the house years back. The bond cleaning is nothing but the whole cleaning of the house so that you will get the whole refund while leaving the property. It simply means that you will get the whole money back while you thoroughly clean the property. When it comes to the end of lease cleaning services, tenants used to return a clean house to the owner and ensure keeping it in a good condition before they leave the house.

end of lease cleaning Melbourne

The amount of time it takes

Whenever you choose to clean a rental house, you need to clean the house thoroughly which could be time-taking. You could not handle the cleanliness of your rental house on your own especially if you are a working individual. Hence, you will require the back support of a professional end of the lease cleaning company. Normally, it will take only 5 to 7 hours for them to clean the rental house. On the other hand, it will take 2-3 days for you to clean the rental house thoroughly. And still, you could not be sure whether the rental house is looking as expected or not.

The colour starts fading

The professional’s clean items using the best cleaning products. Most of the experts make sure to give original colour to the place such as toilets and many more things. Property discolouration can occur because of germs and bacteria. Once you hire a vacant cleaning company, it will become extremely easy to improve the property condition. If you find such a situation, it will become important to contact professionals.

Seek help from the best end of lease cleaning Melbourne Company for thorough cleaning. Oz Vacate Cleaning Melbourne is a company that can do it for you. If you want to connect with us, you can through the contact information that we have shared on the website.

You can also inquire about us by filling up the form given on the website to get exact answers to all of your burning questions. Thanks!

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