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moving out can be stressful and confusing as it includes packing all the stuff, cleaning, and getting bond money back from tenants. Nobody would like to receive the deducted home deposit from the owner. So, it’s better to hire a professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne Company to get the guaranteed cleaning and get the full deposit back. Doing move-out cleaning by own is never a good idea; it’s a double effort with no guarantee. Instead of that, investing in a professional move-out cleaning service will provide so much relief and allows you to pack the items without stress.

If you are hiring a move-out cleaning service for the first time then there might be so many questions in your mind.  Keep on reading the blog to know!

What to expect from the move-out cleaning service?

1)      Bedroom and living rooms

At the time of move out, it’s your responsibility to return the property in the good condition how it was provided earlier. Bedrooms and living rooms are the high-traffic areas that are used mostly. The professional cleaning includes cleaning of the entire room, light switches, fans, and stains marks.

2)      Baseboard and doors

Professional cleaning includes removing of fingerprints and other stubborn stains. The doors are the first thing that is noticed from the outside and if the doors are dirty, the tenant might make a mind that inside rooms might be dirty too.

3)      Trash cleaning

Trash cleaning involves proper waste collection and waste disposal. All trash from the home will be removed by the professional after the cleaning of the entire apartment.

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4)      Interior windows

Windows are the least cleaned as compared to regular floor cleaning. Generally, on the regular basis, people do sweeping and mopping to get rid of dust from the floor but the window exterior is the most exposed and it is most likely to be dirty because of continuous exposure. Professional cleaner cleans all the window hooks and glass. Other than this, experts also handle broken glass repairs and other maintenance.

5)      Bathroom and floor cleaning

Bathroom tiles have the most stubborn stains and it might reduce the chance of getting the deposit back if your bathroom tiles are discoloured. The professional move-out cleaning includes cleaning of toilet bowls, flush tank, sinks, bathtubs and showers, and many more. It also includes disinfecting the entire bathroom and toilet surface.

6)      Kitchen and laundry room cleaning

The kitchen can be a dirty place as it includes oil and usage of home appliances. Ask for a deep cleaning service if you wish to have the stove and refrigerator cleaned properly. Also, ask all doubts and total service cost for the entire house cleaning.

always go for professional cleaning when planning to move out to have peace of mind and get the full deposit securely.  Contact oz vacate cleaning today for the high-quality professional cleaning service at the best price. We are the experienced move out cleaning Melbourne professionals that will provide you excellent cleaning and make your move-out easy and comfortable. Book an appointment with us today for any cleaning service and get the best-discounted packages on your cleaning service.

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