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Whenever it is time to vacate the rental house and look around for other accommodation, every renter would worry about the end of lease cleaning Melbourne services. They always want to have rock-solid move out cleaning Melbourne services to get the bond amount back and win the trust of the landlord.

Are you also one of those tenants who want the best lease cleaning services?

OZ Vacate Cleaning can help you fulfil your cleaning requirements. We have powerful tools to clean your stubborn stains and glorify the place’s beauty. It’s safe to choose us but still if you want to ensure that a certain lease cleaning company is worth choosing or not, we have some basic signs that can help you make clear decisions.

Prefer to choose only a licensed company

It is always suggested to rely only & only upon professionals that have a legal permit for end of rent cleaning. Moreover, make sure that they can complete the cleaning job in an effective way. The company that you plan to choose for your lease cleaning should also provide you with a complete liability for cleaning and offer the best quality result.

end of lease cleaning

100% bond back guarantee

No doubt, every company has their own set of rules. Most of the companies claim that they can help you with the full bond back amount. But, they also have limitations regarding the cleanliness that they provide to their customers. They can only assure you with cleaning. If your rental home has some damage and then you lose the bond amount, then the cleaning company will never take the blame. In cleaning matters, they can assure you of a guaranteed return amount.

Choose a company with experienced cleaners

Experience in any field plays a vital role to determine whether to go for the firm or not. No doubt, there are many companies that have less experience but they work so precisely that you can rely upon them. But, if you are a newbie and choosing services for the first time, then relying upon experienced cleaners is all that we suggest. Expert cleaning company deals with everything; starting from cleaning the whole place to cleaning sink, washroom, tiles, floors, handles, rugs, and many more.


How could we forget to include budget when choosing the right company? In the cleaning business, there is nothing like a high charge means good services and low cost means poor. There could be a significant difference in the quality of cleaners that they use in the process but that you can ask them at an early stage. In case if any of your home members have some sort of allergy or reaction then you can ask them about using any particular cleaning detergents. Through this way, you can create a clear boundary between what you want and how much you could afford for cleaning.

OZ Vacate cleaning is a well-known firm that serves the end of lease cleaning Melbourne services for the last many years and continues serving the same all around Melbourne and nearby suburbs.

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