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Congratulations as you are shifting from a rental home to your own house. Finally, you are moving into a place that you can claim your own. I know that feeling, shifting from a rental house to that of your own. Even upgrading to a new rental apartment is also a great feeling. But before you do so, some things need your attention in your rental house. Have you considered getting the End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne services? Do not forget that you have the bond money yet to take from the landlord. We at OZ Vacate Cleaning could help you with that.

You will be having the pros and cons of why it is worth hiring the professional or is it better to do it yourself? If not, then do have a list, as it makes it clearer to mind the benefits of hiring the professional for the Exit Cleaning Melbourne. As you mind end up doing it yourself without realizing the tasks and overall cost.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

People seem to randomly choose the cleaning services for the task and end up getting disappointed. Here are some of the criteria that could help you to get the cleaning services that are the best fit for your requirements.

●  Service Availability

You may be busy with your job or some other work relating to shifting to a new house. This could make it difficult to get the services done within a restricted time limit. When choosing the service provider make sure that the service is available whenever you need it. You can schedule the service on short notice and even on weekends. There are very few service providers that work like OZ Vacate Cleaners that provide services on weekends.

●  Does it Fit the Budget?

Exit cleaning is a huge task and sometimes turns out to be expensive too for some tenants. So before you finalize know what the services that you are getting are and what the exact cost of those services is. So that the services provider cannot ask for more by saying the same services were not included in the package and you have to pay extra for them at the end.

●  Know What Additional Services You Can Get

Sometimes there are the requirements of some extra services to make the house look clean as you do not want to get the landlord upset. Some service providers seem to provide all the service in the package but if the package you choose doesn’t include some of the services that you want then ask the provider for the cost of it. You can even ask if there is any possibility of a discount that you can get.


You need to first make a list of what you want to include in the Exit cleaning checklist before selecting the package so that you get the best results from the service you opt for. End of lease cleaning Melbourne can be exhaustive, but it is necessary so is hiring the cleaning service providers for effective cleaning. As our professionals know very well how to clean the house so the landlords are impressed!

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