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If you have gone through move out previously, you might know the rush and confusion happens at the move out. Especially, if the move out is unexpected, it can lead to so much confusion about from where to start. Its always a good idea to plan move out and end of lease cleaning with professional company to be stress-free and get the full bond money on time. As its your responsibility to return the property in the good condition, always choose the reputed move out cleaning Melbourne company that meets your need in all terms.

This blog includes useful tips for tenants for easy moveout!

Avoid last moment surprises to landlord and property owner

Somethings are unexpected and can happen at the end moment but if possible, please try to avoid last moment surprises to landlord as it could cause future issues. Landlords are generally busy and they may need enough time for arrangements of inventories and other stuff. Have an open and clear discussion to decide the date that is convenient for both.

Get the remedial work done and necessary approval in advance

If any legal work is pending, make sure you complete all the pending works before your departure. Return the necessary stuffs and agreement to the landlord.

Check inventory to prevent any shortages

Move out can be stressful and it’s obvious to feel tired and ill as the move out date comes closer. Make sure you don’t end up with shortages at the end moment of the move out. Also, take your essential inventory with you few days before your move out.

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Confirm your move out with landlord in writing

Make sure you finalise your comfortable date with the landlord in writing. Every landlord have different policies like tenants are supposed to give one month notice period before vacating the property so, the landlord can arrange other tenants for the future. Also, tell in advance if you have any extra plans or work during the move out date so, you can explain yourself at the end moment if there is any delay or change in the move out plan.

Ensure the property is clean before your move out

Obviously, the landlord will inspect everything when you pack your stuff and are ready for the move out. No doubt, the end of Lease Company handles the cleaning well but as a tenant, it’s your responsibility to check every corner of the property for your satisfaction that the work is done properly.

Wrap-up: no one would like if there is an issue at the last moment, though if the issue is minor, the landlord may compromise up to some extent but for the hassle-free move out, invest enough time in proper planning and scheduling necessary repairs. At ozvacate cleaning, we strive to make your move out stress-free and amazing by which you can easily impress your landlords with the best cleaning ever. We are the number one end of lease cleaning Melbourne company that most of the tenants trust for their bond cleaning and other things. Call us today to know our exciting cleaning packages.

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