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This is every tenant’s concern. They always crave digestible answer behind hiring end of lease cleaning Melbourne Company. In our many years of career in lease cleaning, we have seen many of our customers feel the expense is a waste of money.

But, they can’t see that just because of professional lease cleaning services, the landlord hasn’t argued with them for bond deduction and returned the whole amount happily.

OZ Vacate Cleaning is the epitome of bond cleaning Melbourne services whenever people around Melbourne require our assistance.

As said earlier, we have been in the business for many years and have accomplished many lease cleaning projects. Besides this, we have earned the trust of our customers that take us in a grand position wherever we are currently.

Renters live without worries during their living period, but they suddenly start worrying about their rental home during the tenancy period.

Why so?

This happens because renters have paid a certain amount to the landlord when they entered into the house years or months back. The tenancy period is a timeframe when landlords inspect the rental house’s condition and then decide on whether they (renters) maintain the house in a good condition or not.

If they have not handled properly, the landlord could deduct the amount.

Bond Cleaning Melbourne

Seriously? Can they deduct the whole bond money?

The answer to this question is, yes. They have a legal right to deduct the bond money or security check that you gave to them as a security amount.

So, what you need to do to get the full amount back?

Well, you need to ensure that you return the rental home in a good condition. In fact, in a condition that it was earlier when you started living there. For that, you need to hire professional end of lease cleaners. Though lease cleaners can only help you with cleaning jobs, they can only handle stains and dirt that has taken away the shine of your rental property.

But, if there is any fault in plumbing, piping, gutter, drainage, kitchen, tap system, floor, or any other home area, then you need to call that specific professional.

No doubt, lease cleaners offer you guaranteed bond back, but they are not professional plumbers to deal with those services. They can only help you with cleaning and making your home look shinier.

When could I suppose to find a good lease cleaner?

You can take the help of Google where you will have a list of end of lease cleaners around you. Most of the end of lease cleaners work professionally, but there can be a few that use harmful chemicals to deal with stubborn stains. You just need to make sure that the company that you are going to hire doesn’t choose high power chemicals or detergents.


OZ Vacate Cleaning can help your lease period smooth with the best-in-class end of lease cleaning Melbourne services.

We hope you get the exact importance of why lease cleaning is necessary. Also, it will help you maintain good terms with landlords.

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