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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne could be tiresome for anyone. That’s why we have professionals for this task.

In case you are wondering what is included in your end of lease cleaning hire and what is excluded from this, you are in the right place.

Read ahead for complete guidance.

Basic Cleaning:

  • Mopping the entire floor.
  • Cleaning filters,exhaust&ceiling fans, and air conditioners
  • Eliminating grease tracks from sliding door
  • Removing small nests, Cobwebs, and marks of insect from the walls
  • Cleaning stains from doors and skirting boards
  • Cleaning drawers and cupboards
  • Deep vacuum cleaning all carpets and floors
  • Cleaning spots from light switches, walls, and light fittings
  • Full window cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen Area:

  • Deep clean every shelf, cupboard, and drawer
  • Eliminate dogged stains around the stove top, and its rings & knobs
  • Properly sanitize sink and drain holes
  • Clean splash back place
  • Get rid of grease and grime from trays, oven, doors, BBQ, glass, and trays
  • Removing dust from the filter of the exhaust fan
  • Cleaning the refrigerator inside, behind and outside and doing the same for microwave and dishwasher
  • Mopping the entire floor

Bathroom Area:

  • Clean the drawers and cupboards
  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Sanitize tap,washbasin, shower, toilet seat, and bathtub
  • Eliminate soap residue from the corners of the walls and glasses
  • Clean towel rails, window tracks, mirrors, and floors

Laundry Area:

  • Cleanse cupboards and drawers from the inside to the outside
  • Clean laundry tub and soap residues inside it
  • Clean mirrors, equipment, taps, filters, and space behind the washing machine
  • Clean doors, windows, doorknobs, walls, etc
  • Floor cleaning

Other areas:

  • Garage: Carefully scrubbing floors and eliminating dust
  • Patio: Eliminate cleaning lights, cobwebs, mopping floors and sweeping, cleaning glass and balcony railings.


What Is Excluded?

Not everything in your home is cleaned during exit cleaning Melbourne.

Moist Spots

Professionals will remove the toughest stains but won’t give any guarantee for the removal of damp spots. Even if they remove these spots, the chances of getting back are pretty high because of excess moisture.


Normally, ceiling cleaning is not included even in the most excellent company’s end of lease cleaning package.


You must get rid of mould because it is dangerous for your health. However, sometimes you need to hire professionals in pest control to eliminate mould from your home permanently.


Experts will clean everything, but discoloration can happen because of heavy wear and tear, in which case repainting is involved. Areas such as toilet, plastics, and grouts turn yellow colour because of germs and bacteria.

Deep wall cleaning

Professionals of end of lease cleaning remove cobwebs and insects from the walls, but they don’t clean the entire wall, which could include a lot of time.

In most of the bond cleaning papers, thorough wall cleaning is excluded for that reason.

That’s what you can and can’t expect to be cleaned from your professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne hire.

Now that you know everything, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals right now.

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