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When you’re moving out of a leased space, one of the most important duties included at the end of lease cleaning Melbourne is to thoroughly clean the kitchen. In Australia, it’s common for landlords to withhold bond money if you don’t clean the kitchen thoroughly. To get your bond back, make sure you clean the kitchen thoroughly.

Here are some of the spaces in the kitchen that you would not want to miss while bond back cleaners Melbourne if you do not want to lose the bond money.

  • Countertops

A countertop is one of those places in the kitchen that require thorough cleaning. It’s where you splash oil, spices, and food crumbs while preparing a meal. This means that while cleaning the kitchen countertops, extra work is required.

You have to take the help of a wide range of cleaning methods, including a variety of cleaners, scrubbers, and more, to ensure that the countertops a squeaky clean.

  • Corners

You may believe that you have been cleaning your kitchen thoroughly all along. However, you should be aware that the aspects of end-of-lease cleaning are way different from your regular kitchen cleaning. No matter how thoroughly you clean, there are some troublesome areas that go unnoticed and attract the attention of your landlord during the inspection.

One such area that you may think is clean but would come as an utter surprise when your landlord would point at it during the inspection are the Corners.

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  • Refrigerator

Is it enough to only clean the outer surface of the refrigerator clean? No. Remove any leftovers, old or expired food from your refrigerator and store perishable items in a cooler. Provide special attention to the bottom drawers while cleaning as this is most stolen items are found.

Cleaning the refrigerator include the interior walls, surfaces, drawers and shelves. You would also require to remove any stains. Do not miss to make the outer surface of the door all shiny and clean while cleaning the refrigerator.

  • Cleaning the dishwasher

When it comes to end-of-lease cleaning, most of us neglect to clean the dishwasher. If you’re doing the same, your security deposit could be forfeited. Make sure your dishwasher is free of oil, food remnant, burned food residue and other debris for the sake of your bond money.

It’s as simple as removing the filter and soaking it in hot, soapy water. Ensure that any stuck-on dust is washed away, as a filthy filter is the leading cause of dishwashing odour. So, before your landlord’s final inspection, maintain things tidy.

Well, let us address the elephant in the room. If you want to ensure that nothing is missed while cleaning the kitchen, hiring the bond back cleaners Melbourne experts is the best decision you would make. They have the latest equipment, industrial cleaners, skills, knowledge, methods, and more to do the cleaning in such a way that the landlord won’t hold the bond money.

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