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Getting the bond money back is what the tenants are worried most about other than their moving hassles. As a part of getting this bond money back from the landlords. The moving out tenants have to clean the property very thoroughly for the new tenant.  End of lease cleaning Melbourne is a huge task that you lack the knowledge and skill for even if you wish to undertake it on your own.

This is highly unlikely as you have the time to take such a huge task amid your preparation for moving out of the house. This is why we at OZ Vacate Cleaning are here to take care of your exit cleaning Melbourne. Not everyone is aware of the exit cleaning companies. This makes it more difficult to get a company or service provider who is appropriate and provide reliable services.

Well, here are some of the questions that you can ask the company you shortlist for the exit cleaning to choose the best-fitted one for doing the job.

Is the company having insurance in case of any damage to your rental property?

You hire the company to procure their reliable services but what if they cause any damage to the property when the end of lease cleaning or any item gets lost during the cleaning process? The reassurance of it can be provided by hiring the professionals of the company who has insurance coverage for the damages or lost items during the cleaning process. This creates more transparency and builds trust towards their services.

What are their rescheduling and refund policies?

This is one of the important aspects as far as service of the company is concerned. Some circumstances may require the rescheduling or cancellation of the scheduled service. Choosing a service provider who provides a full refund of the payments for the cancelled service or is willing to reschedule is more suitable. Providing discounts for the services would be one more added benefit.

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Does the cleaner provide a complete bond back guarantee?

This ensures that the services you are paying for are worth it. This also gives proof of the desired services that can get the bond money back. This the way company portrays their services and reputations.

What exactly their package covers?

Knowing each entity that is to be covered under the package that you have selected makes the services clearer and keeps you away from any end minute hidden costs. This also provides you with a chance to get some of the additional cleaning services that are not listed in the package but are your requirements.

Is the company’s cleaning rate competitive?

A competitive rate is one of the most effective ways to get the benefit of exceptional services that too at an affordable rate. As the companies offer you the rate that is best than their competitors to get more customers the benefit of their services.

These questions will give you enough knowledge about the company that you have shortlisted and make it easier for you to choose the best exit cleaning Melbourne service provider among them.

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