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Are you planning to move? Do you know the best way to go for the End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services?

Well, we have listed the major areas where you need to pay the maximum attention while cleaning to get your bond back.

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Living room

You need major work in the living room because this is the area where you watch TV, have parties and spend time with your close ones. Check switches and clean them if there is any build-up or stains. Vacuum the couch or sofa. If the condition of your upholstery is poor, hire professionals for deep cleaning.

Don’t forget the cabinets, bookshelves, cupboards, coffee table, etc, where you could find dirt and dust build-ups. This might look a bit time consuming, but it’s necessary because your landlord isn’t going to give the entire bond back if he or she sees any dirt on the floor or anywhere in the house.

So clean your living area carefully.


The bathroom is the place where humidity is highly present. Make sure to clean the walls, sink, taps, bathtub, shower, drains, etc. Ensure that the water is running smoothly and no blockage is there.

Check every metallic surface for rust, mould, and soap scum build-up. You can also hire Exit Cleaning Melbourne experts for cleaning your bathroom.

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Walls are a major part of any home. There must be no stains on the walls. If there are nay, wash them or paint them over them of the same colour as the entire wall, but make sure it doesn’t look weird. If you have too many marks, it’s crucial to address them because your owner could make it a reason for giving you back the bond money.

Rugs or Carpets

It’s crucial to clean your rugs or carpets deeply t get your bind back. You can go for both professional or DIY cleaning processes. Experts might use an advance cleaning process such as steam cleaning to get rid of old stains. DIY methods might not work as good. So until you haven’t done this in the past, hire experts for this job.

If your carpets or rugs are already in good condition, vacuum them properly.

Garden and the Exterior

The garden shed might need a bit of cleaning. Sweep the fallen leaves and dirt from your courtyard. Keep the flowers fresh and attractive. If possible, mow the lawn. You can also trim the trees or bushes to make then look more beautiful. If you have encountered a bird’s nest, which is leading to bird’s waste everywhere, remove it or hire experts for this task.

Staircases and Hallways

These areas of the home face a lot of traffic and need serious cleaning. You need to pay a lot of attention to this area.

Instead of doing all these chores yourself, why not hire the professionals cleaners who know everything about the End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne and have powerful tools which will make the task easier and less time-consuming.

So get in touch with experts right now!

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