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When your lease is up, you’re usually looking forward to moving on to the next stage of your life, which often includes a new house or apartment and all the benefits of living somewhere new. 

According to the end of lease cleaning agency Melbourne that also means you have to clean out your old place and make it ready for someone else to move in. Here are five things that will help you avoid some common end of lease cleaning disasters you want to avoid at all costs!

1) Leaving it to the Last Minute

Leaving the end-of-lease cleaning to the last minute is one of the worst decisions you can make. This is why it is so important to work with a professional end of lease cleaning agnecy Melbourne like OZ Vacate Cleaning, before your lease expires.

 Leaving your place in a state that does not reflect well on you will result in an unfavourable review from your landlord and could negatively impact your credit score or ability to rent another property.

end of lease cleaning agency Melbourne

2) Not Checking What’s Included in Your Contract

When you sign a lease, the landlord typically includes the cost for an end of lease cleaning in the contract. But what if there isn’t anything about end of lease cleaning in your contract? 

This often happens when a renter is subletting from someone else or when they’re renting a house or apartment that’s been left vacant for some time. In either case, it’s important to ask about whether any end of lease cleaning needs to be done before you move out.

3) Skimping on the Supplies

The worst thing you can do when it comes time to clean your property after a lease is up is skimp on the supplies. You’ll want to have a large supply of all-purpose cleaners, paper towels, sponges and other basic supplies on hand. 

This will ensure that you’re prepared for any mess or emergency situation that might arise during your end-of-lease cleaning session.

4) Not Hiring a Professional

End-of-lease cleaning is a task that requires expertise and understanding. Without the proper tools and knowledge, you can end up damaging your property or the property you are renting out. 

The cost of hiring OZ Vacate Cleaning can be offset by higher returns on your rental property when it is time to sell. It is always cheaper to hire a professional than it is to clean up after yourself.

5) Forgetting the Fridge

During an end-of-lease clean, it is essential that the fridge be emptied and wiped down as thoroughly as possible. Leaving food behind can attract insects and rodents, which will make your property less appealing to potential tenants. 

Plus, it may also lead to a pest infestation that could cost you more in the long run.


End-of-lease cleaning is an important task you don’t want to forget about. If you can, work with a professional end of lease cleaning agnecy Melbourne that will do the job for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

But if not, make sure you read our post on 5 End of Lease Cleaning Disasters You Want To Avoid and do your best to avoid these mistakes!

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