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No homeowner is a pro when it comes to the end of lease cleaning Melbourne as they lack a variety of aspects to be one. We all have a comprehensive checklist to make sure that we do not miss anything when doing the end of lease cleaning. Not all these checklists are perfect either. So to ensure that you do your cleaning without leaving and spots that may irritate the landlord and you end up losing a fraction of your bond money, we have compiled a list of spots that one must never miss when doing the end of lease cleaning without all by yourself.

Read further to check if you have these spots listed in your bond cleaning Melbourne checklist; if not, add these right away!

  • Oven

One of the most neglected equipment when the end of the lease cleaning is the oven. You may even neglect it when dusting and scrubbing your kitchen countertop area and other appliances. But it is one of those spots in the rental property that landlords examine without fail.

Do not panic if you just had a look at your dirty oven. There are a variety of ways to clean it effectively – commercial oven cleaner, applying baking soda paste, or you can leave this headache on the end of lease cleaning professionals.

  • Light & Fan Fittings

You would be surprised to find out how much dust and dirt light and fan fittings accumulate over time. Yes, the landlord would carefully inspect this spot, so make sure you clean these fittings of all the rooms without fail. A wipe inside out with a wet cloth would be fine.

  • Baseboard & Walls

Even if the house is effectively cleaned, the spot on the wall will steal the attention. So is the case with the landlord too. It is the first thing that the landlords will notice as they enter the rental property. Clean the walls perfectly, try to remove crayon colours, handprints and scuff marks from the walls apart from dirt and dust. The magic eraser would be your ultimate saviour for it. Also, do not forget the baseboards.

  • The “Hard-to-Reach” Areas

Every house has hard-to-reach areas that tenants often forget or neglect to clean during the end of lease cleaning as they are hard to reach! All those spots, whether it be the back of the refrigerator, top of the door, top of the kitchen cabinets, air ducts, etc., are the most likely reason to cost you a fraction of your bond money for sure as the landlords are well aware of all these spots.

  • Window Blinds & Curtains

It could even make it to the top of the list of the spots that one must never miss as the blinds and curtains accumulate a good amount of dirt and dust. Make sure to add them to your checklist if you haven’t, and thank us later.

Oh, and do not forget the filthy windows either before the inspection.

Though you may not achieve the perfection in bond cleaning Melbourne as that of the professionals, addressing these spots without fail would surely be a relief in the inspection.

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