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Bond Money – This is a thing every tenant has to deal with when moving to a new home. It is not always easy to get it from the landlords. Hiring professionals for end-of-lease cleaning Melbourne may not be enough always though it is on the top of the priority list. OZ Vacate Cleaning will make sure of this but make sure you take care of the rest.

Here is more you can do it ensure that you get your bond money back without any disruptions along with exit cleaning Melbourne.

Make Exit Cleaning A Priority

As we have known that cleaning is on the top of the priority list. It is essential that is cleaning is extensive as well as effective. You might get tempted to doing the task yourself but room for errors can cause you to lose the bond money. Why such a risk? Hire the best professional for doing the job, OZ Vacate Cleaning will be your best fit.

Address The Repairs

With time damages to the home are inevitable even when being precautious. But do not try to bandage these for some instant or temporary fixed. Let the landlord know about the damage. Make sure that you get those damages fixed by a professional before you leave the house. This will cur one of the many reason people do not get the bond money back.

Serve A Notice

Leaving the house with proper prior notice to the landlord will come to them as a shock. This is highly not recommended. This is inevitable for a fixed tenancy agreement. Still, if you are to leave on short notice you need to follow the rules that come under breaking a lease early.

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Create A Transparency 

Make the landlord aware of all the efforts you are making to give them the home in the condition that they desire or when you moved in. This will allow them to instruct you on all the requirement they require. Do not maintain an unhealthy distance just because you are awkward about having a conversation.

Vacate By Due Date

You do not want to add up extra rental cost by living in the house more than the due date as per the agreement. This would only end up being costlier for you.

Clear All the Bills

Before leaving the house make sure that you pay water ever you owe to whom so ever. Clear the bills to avoid penalties. Make sure that all your rental payments are done with accuracy to avoid any deductions from the bond money.

Final Inspection

In most case, tenants don’t show up when the final inspection of the rented house is going on. Consequences of which is many unresolved issues and unattended request from the landlord. Being present at the time enable you to resolve the issue and sign on the condition report.

If you are among those with are struggling with the first requirement that is finding the best exit cleaning Melbourne services that we are here to help.

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