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Tenants know the gravity of the end of lease cleaning because it can cause them to lose the bond money which they only can get on appropriate cleaning. This is the reason tenants take enough time to get the best services of the end of lease cleaning. Even when having one there are chances that you may not be able to give proper effort in cleaning some specific area. There a priority set for cleaning other than this priority area often the service providers do not give much attention due to negligence. OZ Vacate Cleaning is highly aware of these facts and the troubles this negligence can get you. So, make sure that all the component of the house is cleaning thoroughly with an equal amount of effort.

Exit cleaning Melbourne is an important factor landlord as if the house is not cleaned properly by the leaving tenant, then they would not get the new one easily. So better to avoid this situation by focusing on these areas too when not having the cleaning done by professionals.

Kitchen corners

The amount of wear and tear have is the most in the house. If you closely observe your kitchen, you can find the grim in the corners of the house. Kitchens are prone to food particles. Stickiness, oil or food residues if the surfaces are not cleaned properly. The kitchen requires an extensive amount of cleaning due to a greater number of surfaces like cabinets, countertops and more. Neglecting considering corners when cleaning would increase the build-up of grime.


Apart from taking care of the plants, grass and paving regularly, it is also a necessity when moving from the house. Keeping the area clean of debris, dried leaves, and waste. Trimming the plants is also part of your job. Getting the furniture or any component in the garden area free from dust.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Showers and sinks

In a hurry people overlook the need of cleaning sinks and showers, have you ever touched a sink when the cleaning is not done for a long time? It gets sticky and slippery; you would not want to start your day brushing your teeth at that skink every morning. Showers and water sediments residue we are all familiar with. This sediment build-up can interpret the shower functions and cause blockages.


One of the most neglect component of the house – switchboards. Ironically, they are also one of the most-used components of the house. Every single day all the people in the house touch the switchboard with their bare hands. Not necessarily the hands are clean always. The switchboards get stained over a period if not marks are not wiped off on time. So, make sure that you get that stain off of the switchboard.

Under the carpet

We all worry about the carpet cleaning, but what about the area under the carpet? There are chances of stains due to pet urine, dust accumulation, debris and more. So along with taking care of carpet cleaning do not set aside the area under the carpet.

We understand that you could not get professional help this time, if you are presuming that they are not cost effective or out of the budget then trust us it is not like that. So instead of getting into all this hassle leave the Exit cleaning Melbourne on us.

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