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When you move into an apartment, you’re dutifully signing a lease that pertains to your tenancy for a certain length of time. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll always be cleaning up after yourself. In most cases, your landlord will deduct a fair amount of rent from your check each month, even if you’re not actively subletting your place. This is to ensure that the apartment is properly cleaned, and not because they’re trying to get out of paying you. Even if you’ve signed a long-term lease, your landlord might try to get away with deducting a small amount from your check each month until the lease is over. Here are how to end of lease cleaning Melbourne wide service expert ensure your place is always clean.

Clean inside and outside your rental property

Make sure that the inside and outside of your rental property are always clean. This will help reduce the chance of dirt, dust, and other debris getting into your unit. also, it’s important to keep your unit looking fresh and new. By keeping your unit clean, you’ll attract new tenants who will appreciate how well the place is kept.

Your living areas, windows and corridors

should be swept Your living areas, windows and corridors should be swept every month. This will help to ensure that there is no dirt or dust accumulation on the glass, which could lead to your apartment smelling bad or being difficult to clean. It’s also important to make sure that all the furniture and appliances are regularly cleaned and dusted to remove any built-up bacteria.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Start by making sure that all of your kitchen and bathroom surfaces are clean. This includes all of the surfaces that will come in contact with food or liquid, such as the sink, countertops, and bathtub. Make sure you also clean all of the surfaces that touch the ground, such as the flooring. In addition to kitchen and bathroom cleaning, make sure you also take care of all of the basics in your living room and bedroom. Make sure every surface is dusted, vacuumed, and checked for dirt and debris. You should also establish a schedule for keeping your living room and bedroom clean so that you always have everything looking its best.

All of the walls get swept

The first and most important step is to ensure all of the walls are swept. This will help to remove any possible dirt and dust that may have been missed during the previous tenant’s cleaning.

Mopped surfaces, ceilings and baseboards

Oftentimes, the only thing you’ll see on your apartment’s walls and ceilings is a thin film of paint. This film may be covered in dust, dried sweat, or other debris. Make sure to mop surfaces and ceilings and baseboards whenever you can. This will help to remove any built-up dust and residues, and it will also enable you to see any potential damage that may have occurred over time.

If you want to make sure you regularly clean your place to avoid unfair deductions, it’s important that it’s kept clean. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to clean their place regularly. This can lead to a number of problems and that’s where the end of lease cleaning Melbourne wide service expert comes in. They do everything patiently, from storing household items to cleaning the property so you can claim a complete bond refund.

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