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Moving out of a rented property can be both exciting and daunting. While you’re eagerly anticipating your new home, there’s the critical task of ensuring your current rental space is left in pristine condition. That’s where an end of lease clean comes into play. But what exactly does a thorough end of lease clean include, and why is it so important?

In this blog, we’ll see what a comprehensive end of lease clean involves. We’ll explore the checklist of tasks that make up this essential process, providing you with valuable insights and tips to ensure you get your security deposit back without any hiccups.

Our guide will help you with the intricacies of End of Lease Cleaning Richmond and ensuring a full deposit back. So, let’s get started:

What Is End of Lease Cleaning?

As the name suggests, end of lease cleaning is a deep cleaning of a rented place before a tenant moves out. It’s the tenant’s job to make sure the place is clean because their security deposit (or bond) depends on it.

The security bond is money the tenant pays at the start of the lease. Normally, the tenant gets all the bond money back. But if the place isn’t cleaned properly, the landlord can keep some of that money.

While some wear and tear are okay, any damage missed rent, or a dirty place can lead to deductions from the bond. That’s why cleaning up well at the end of a tenancy is really important.

It can be stressful because the property manager checks everything at the final inspection.

Many people hire end of lease cleaning professionals to make sure the job is done right, and they get their full bond money back. Moving out is already daunting, and meeting the property manager’s cleaning standards can be tough. There’s a lot to do in a short time, from cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms to fixing up the carpets.

What Landlords Expect at the End of Lease?

Before you plan your end of lease cleaning and start researching professionals, you must know what landlords typically expect from tenants at the end of the tenancy. Here, we have mentioned some key points you must consider:


One of the fundamental expectations landlords have is that the property will be returned in the same condition it was when the lease began. This includes ensuring the property is clean and well-maintained.

You should thoroughly clean the property, including all rooms, appliances, and fixtures, to ensure it is move-in ready for the next tenant. This means removing personal belongings, disposing of trash, and addressing any pet-related issues, such as pet hair or odours.


During the lease period, you should promptly report any maintenance issues or needed repairs to the landlord. However, even if everything seems in order, tenants must conduct a final walkthrough with the landlord to address any remaining concerns or potential issues.

Any damages beyond ordinary wear and tear should be repaired or compensated for by the tenant. This may include fixing holes in the walls, broken appliances, or damaged flooring.

Rent and Utilities

Tenants should ensure that all the rent and utilities are paid in full for the lease term. It’s important to avoid any late or outstanding payments to maintain a good tenant-landlord relationship.

Failure to settle rent or utility bills may lead to deductions from the security deposit or legal consequences.

As a tenant, you should expect to receive your security deposit back promptly after vacating the property if you’ve met all your responsibilities. If any deductions are made, landlords should provide a detailed explanation of the charges. It’s essential for both parties to maintain transparency throughout this process.
End of Lease Cleaning Service

Areas that End of Lease Cleaners Cover

While every end of lease cleaning Richmond professional will have their inclusions and exclusions, most service providers typically cover certain areas to ensure the property matches the condition report. Here’s a breakdown of the common spots that are addressed during end of lease cleaning:


When tackling kitchen cleaning, it’s advisable to begin with the cooking area since it tends to accumulate a substantial amount of dirt, grease, food stains, and spills. Professional cleaners pay special attention to the following areas:

  1. Thoroughly clean all shelves, the tops of cupboards, and drawers.
  2. Remove stubborn dirt and stains from the stovetop and knobs.
  3. Eliminate grime and grease from oven trays, glass, and doors.
  4. Address grease build-up on tiles and grout lines.
  5. Scrub the sink faucets and clear the drain holes.
  6. Clean the dust from the exhaust fan filter.
  7. Remove dirt from behind, underneath, and outside the microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, if applicable.


After completing the kitchen, it’s time to turn your attention to the bathroom. Tenants often neglect cleaning bathroom surfaces during their lease, making it a challenging area to clean. The bathroom cleaning checklist includes:

  1. Cleaning drawers and cupboards.
  2. Removing dust and dirt from the exhaust fan.
  3. Scrubbing toilet bowl stains, cleaning and disinfecting the toilet seat and the flush lever.
  4. Removing soap scum, hard water stains, and dirt from sinks, faucets, the shower, and the bathtub.
  5. Eliminating limescale from the showerhead.
  6. Cleaning soap residue from mirrors.
  7. Scrubbing tiles and grout lines.
  8. Cleaning towel rails and window tracks.

Laundry Area

If your property has a laundry area, ensure your hired professionals address the following areas:

  1. Cleaning both the inside and outside of drawers and cupboards.
  2. Removing soap residue from the laundry tub.
  3. Cleaning the faucets and mirrors.
  4. Clearing dust and dirt from the space behind the washing machine, other equipment, and filters.
  5. Cleaning walls, doors, and doorknobs.

Common Areas

In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, there are common spots found in all rooms that should be included in your cleaning checklist. These areas include:

  1. Removing cobwebs from ceiling corners and dust from ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  2. Addressing insect marks, scuff marks, and other blemishes on the walls.
  3. Clearing dust build-up from air ducts.
  4. Removing stains from doors and skirting boards.
  5. Eliminating dust and dirt from windows, screens, sills, and blinds.
  6. Cleaning cupboards, drawers, and sliding door tracks.
  7. Vacuuming upholstery and thorough Carpet Cleaning South Melbourne, which is essential for ensuring a full refund of your bond.
  8. Sweeping and mopping the floors.

Commonly Excluded Areas

While most of your end of lease clean tasks would be covered in standard cleaning packages, companies usually don’t cover the following areas and tasks:

  1. Ceilings: Cleaning companies often don’t clean ceilings when you’re moving out.
  2. Mould: While they’ll try to clean mould, sometimes it needs a specialist or repairs.
  3. Damp Spots: They’ll do their best with stains caused by damp spots, but they can’t give any guarantee. These marks can come back because of excessive moisture.
  4. Wall Cleaning: They might clean some wall spots but won’t do the whole wall as it takes a lot of time and effort.
  5. Full Cupboards and Drawers: If your cupboards aren’t empty, they won’t clean them.
  6. Hazardous Areas: They’ll skip spots that could be dangerous, like broken power points or switches, to avoid accidents like electric shocks.

To address these areas or clean any additional space, you might need to pay extra bucks apart from the standard cleaning package.

Take Away

A thorough end of lease clean involves a detailed and complete cleaning of a rented property before moving out. It means cleaning every part of the place – from walls and floors to appliances and bathrooms.

The goal is to leave the property looking just as good as when you first moved in. So, hire end of lease cleaning Richmond professionals to meet the lease requirements and ensure you get your deposit back.

To impress your landlord in the final inspection, contact OZ Vacate Cleaning. With our years of experience and advanced cleaning equipment, we ensure sparkling results for every client. Reach out to us and increase your chances of getting the full security deposit back!

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