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You’re finally moving out of your rental place, but before you go, you’ve got to make sure the place is spic and span, or you may lose your security deposit. Get ready to scrub, scour, and sanitise every corner of your apartment. End of lease cleaning Melbourne isn’t just about vacuuming up crumbs and wiping down counters. It’s about getting into all those nooks and crannies you last touched before move-in day. We’re talking inside cabinets, behind appliances, and under furniture.

Your landlord will look for dirt in places you didn’t even know could get dirty. So roll up those sleeves and get ready to scrub this place down with the right guide on ‘What does end of lease cleaning involve’.

Guidance for your rental spot sparkly clean before you hand over keys to others:

End of Lease Cleaning Requirements

Moving out of a rental property often comes with the end of lease cleaning requirements outlined in your lease agreement.

These typically involve ensuring the property is cleaned thoroughly and returned to its original condition.

Some landlords may even inspect to check that all requirements have been met before returning your security deposit.

Cleaning the Interior

The interior of the property will need to be spotless. This means wiping down walls and doors, scrubbing floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows, light fixtures, vents, and fireplaces.

Don’t forget to clean kitchen appliances inside and out, like the oven, stovetop, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Clear out and wipe down all cabinets and drawers.

Sanitising the Bathrooms

Bathrooms require disinfecting sinks, countertops, toilets, showers, tubs, mirrors and floors. Remove all personal items from the medicine cabinet and vanity.

Scrub any grime or mould in the grout and sealant around showers and tubs. Mop or wipe the floors and take out the trash.

Tidying the Yard

If your lease included outdoor spaces, the yard must be returned to its original state. Mow the lawn, rake leaves, weed the garden, and prune any shrubs.

End of lease Cleaning

Clean outdoor furniture and sweep patios or decks. Make sure any fencing or gates are adequately secured. Remove debris or trash from the yard and place it in proper waste and recycling receptacles.

Top Tips for Cleaning Before Moving Out

So, the lease on your place is ending, and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. But before you can hand in your keys, you’ll want to ensure the place is spotless.

End-of-lease cleaning involves returning your rental to the condition it was when you moved in.

Follow these tips to breeze through your move-out cleaning.

Do a deep clean of the kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms typically require the most intensive cleaning. Wipe down cabinets and appliances, mop floors, scrub stovetops and ovens, and polish sinks and countertops until they shine.

Don’t forget the toilets, tubs, showers, mirrors and floors. These high-traffic areas need to be sparkling before the final inspection.

Clean behind and under furniture

It’s easy to forget the dust and grime that builds up in hard-to-reach spots. Move furniture away from walls and baseboards and sweep, mop or vacuum behind and underneath.

While the furniture is moved, wipe down walls and clean any marks or stains. Replace the furniture, and your space will instantly look fresher.

Deal with any damage.

Take note of any damage like nail holes, dents, or stains that may need repairing before moving out. Patch holes, touch up paint, or do minor repairs yourself.

For more significant issues, let your property manager know as soon as possible so repairs can be arranged before final inspections. It’s always better to be upfront to avoid losing any of your security deposit.

Sweep, mop, vacuum and dust

Give all floors, baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and vents a final sweep, mop or vacuum. Open windows to air out the space and wipe away any built-up dust.

Don’t forget to sweep porches, decks, garages and any outdoor living areas. A clean exterior makes an excellent final impression, too.

With some elbow grease and these helpful tips, you’ll have your place sparkling in no time.

End of Lease Cleaning South Melbourne may not be glamorous, but putting in the work upfront will help ensure you get your full security deposit back.

Hiring a Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

Once you’ve decided to hire professional cleaners for your end of lease clean, you’ll need to find a reputable service. Meet with two or three options to get quotes and gauge their professionalism.

Some things to consider:

Experience and Credentials

Look for a company that specialises in end of lease and bond cleans. They should be fully insured and able to provide references from previous clients.

Ask how long they’ve been in business—you want a company that will still be around if you have any issues after the cleaning.

Services Offered

A good end of lease clean should include cleaning carpets, polishing floors, cleaning inside cabinets and drawers, wiping down light fixtures, and scrubbing the oven, stove, and refrigerator.

They should also handle windows, doors, walls, baseboards, and switchplates. Ask precisely what’s included to avoid misunderstandings.

Equipment and Products

The company should use high-quality commercial cleaning equipment and safe products for homes. Ensure they bring their vacuum, mop, dusters, and cleaning solutions. You don’t want a service dumping harsh chemicals that could damage surfaces or using inadequate sanitised equipment.

End of Lease Cleaning FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

How much does end of lease cleaning cost?

The cost of end of lease cleaning can vary depending on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required. As a rough estimate, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500 for a standard 3-bedroom house.

The final price will depend on the number of rooms and bathrooms, the property’s condition, the services required, and the cleaning company you choose. It’s best to get multiple quotes from different companies to compare.

What does end of lease cleaning include?

End of lease cleaning typically includes a deep clean of the entire property to ensure it’s left in the same condition as when you moved in. This includes:

  • Cleaning all rooms: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. Vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors, dusting, and wiping down all surfaces.
  • Cleaning all kitchen areas: stove tops, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, pantries, and cabinets. Mopping floors and cleaning sinks.
  • Cleaning all bathrooms: toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, and floors.
  • Laundry: washing bedsheets, towels, and other linen.
  • Outdoor areas: sweeping patios, decks, balconies, and driveways. Mowing lawns and raking leaves if required.
  • Rubbish removal: removing all garbage, recycling, and green waste from the property.
  • Minor repairs: fixing any marks, holes, or damage to walls, carpets, tiles, and cupboards. Touch-up painting may also be required.

The end of lease cleaning Melbourne should leave the property spotless and in the same condition as when you first moved in. This helps ensure you receive your full bond back from the landlord or property manager.

Do I need to be present during the end of lease clean?

You are not required to be present during the end of lease cleaning. However, it is a good idea for you or a representative to do a final inspection once the cleaning is complete. This allows you to check if any areas need re-cleaning before the property manager does their final inspection.

Some cleaning companies will schedule a time for a post-clean inspection, while others will provide a report with photos after the cleaning.

Winding Up

So there you have it – the ins and outs of end of lease cleaning. While it can seem daunting, breaking it into more manageable tasks makes it much less overwhelming. Focus on the main areas – kitchen, bathroom, floors – and remember the outdoor spaces.

Give yourself enough time, and consider hiring a professional cleaner to regain your entire bond. OZ Vacate Cleaning specialises in delivering top-notch cleaning services tailored for rental properties, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and satisfaction. Trust us for a polished finish that exceeds expectations, leaving your space gleaming and ready for its next tenant.

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