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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne – A responsibility of the tenant towards its landlord. The landlord has the right to keep the bond money if the cleaning done by the tenant upon moving out of the property is unsatisfactory. This is why the tenants seek the help of the end of lease cleaning experts to make sure that there is no reason left for the landlord to not give the bond money back.

There is a vast difference in the cleaning done by you and the professionals of the exit cleaning Melbourne company. The experts have been working every day to clean numerous homes and have found a way to make the cleaning effective and pleasing for the landlords. They know exactly what the landlords look for in the house when inspecting. This is how these professionals make sure that you get the bond money back.

Cleaning The Carpets Thoroughly

One of the most conflicted parts of the house is carpet cleaning. Often landlords target carpets to be the reason for deducting some amount from the bond money. This is why the professionals make sure that they have got rid of all the stains and smells from the carpet.

Not Missing Walls, Windows and Doors

Upon taking up the end of the lease cleaning people often do not clean the walls, doors and windows. This is where there is visible debris and dust build-up. You may not spot it but your landlord surely would. The experts know this very well, so they make sure that the walls, windows and doors are squeaky clean.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Providing Special Attention to The Bathroom and Kitchen

The stickiness in the floor of the bathroom and walls of the kitchen need to be taken care of. The sediment builds up in the bathroom makes it look old and ugly. The oils of the kitchen may end up accidentally on the wall when cooking. The surface also has the presence of spills and splashing. Not to forget the stains of food spills. This is the reason why these two parts of the house need extra attention when cleaning.

Never Overlook Outdoor Area

Indoor cleaning is a huge task in itself when taking up the cleaning by yourself. Adding a good outdoor cleaning would make it more tiring and exhausting that you may not be able to take care of it properly. But the cleaning company provides a team of professionals to make sure that all the tasks are performed on time and effectively. This includes outdoor cleaning too.


Upon having exit cleaning Melbourne done by a professional with this precision would make sure that you get your bond money back. As the landlord has no reason left to point out their dissatisfaction at. This would also make you move out of the house on a good note with the landlord. Also, make sure that any pending dues are also paid to avoid any hassle and issues.

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