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The end of lease cleaning Melbourne process can be a difficult one, requiring you to contact multiple leasing companies and organize the moving process from start to finish before your new tenants move in. However, with the help of this article, you’ll walk through the processes involved in finding a suitable exit cleaning Melbourne Company and making sure everything is prepared by the time your former tenants vacate their homes. 

What do I need to know before my lease is up?

The best way to avoid the inevitable cost of a new carpet is to give your old one a makeover before the end of your lease! You’ll be able to get rid of stains, make minor repairs, and refresh the odours that accumulate in the carpet over time. These simple steps will ensure you have a fresh start after you move out. I love this company. They are very professional and helpful.

What should I do before the end of my lease?

When your lease is up, it’s time to clean. But what should you do? The tasks you can do before the end of your lease are limited, and some work better than others. Here are a few things that could help get your home in fantastic shape for the new tenant: Carpet: Making sure your carpets are clean and free of debris will make a huge difference when you’re moving in. 

How much can I save with end of lease cleaning?

When you’re a renter, many people sign up for an automatic cleaning service that cleans their unit for them. This can be a big money-saving opportunity and is not just for properties with carpets. You should take a look at your lease agreement and find out what the required cleaning schedule is before the end of the contract.

What should I expect when leaving the building?

It is common practice for landlords to require that tenants take care of the property before they leave and provide pictures that show how it is left. Tenants should make sure they are in compliance and follow these simple steps: Leave the building clean, orderly and in good repair at the start of your tenancy.

What is considered clean after your lease has ended?

There are many things to consider before the end of a lease. One of these is what is considered clean and what is not. It’s important to know what your landlord will allow in order for you to avoid any issues down the road. You may want to do some research on your own too!


The last few days of a lease can bring significant changes and seem like an exciting opportunity to invest in some serious cleaning. There are many things that you could do before the lease ends, but they depend on your own circumstance. Here are a few things to consider. Is it time to do a deep clean?

Are the stains that your kids have left on the carpets going to be difficult to If you’re leasing a new car, the final cleaning of your old lease vehicle is in order. This includes de-cluttering the car, getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong in it, cleaning up any food or drink spillages, and organizing all items.

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