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Are you leaving the rental property? Have you considered getting the professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne around? As per the rental property norms, you require to leave the property in good condition. In return, you would get the bond money back in full amount. You do not have to stress about anything if you are leaving everything in the hands of professionals.

If not, here are the areas that you must not miss during move out cleaning Melbourne wide.

  • Floors, Baseboards, Crown Mouldings

Continuing the subject of cleansing flooring, you’ll need to make certain that the complete ground area in the rental is cleaned. Some corners of the flooring wherein quit tables and fixtures as soon as had been maybe nests for extreme dust build-up. While you’re at it, you’ll need to wash down the baseboards and crown mouldings.

What are crown mouldings, you ask? If you probably did ask that, then it desires to be cleaned. Crown mouldings are the other of baseboards; while baseboards body the place among the flooring and partitions, the crown mouldings body the regions among the flooring and the ceiling.

You can also additionally want an extendable duster to attain your crown mouldings. It’s essential to make certain that the crown mouldings and partitions are cleared of dust.

  • Cabinetry, Sinks, and Countertops

Your kitchen and vanity are also good magnets for dust and cobwebs. Our employees meticulously wipe all surfaces and corners of the cabinet. We also accept necessary repairs and repaints upon request.

If you take it to the kitchen or vanity and leave it unwashed for a few hours, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mould. As a result, our cleaning staff uses mild cleaning solutions and disinfectants to soften and decontaminate this stain.

  • Ceilings and High Places

When doing a deep clean, it’s always best to start at the top of the room. In this way, if you kick up the dust there, it will still fall where it needs to be cleaned. You can get it all later by cleaning the bottom part.

When moving out, you need to make sure that the spider web is coming out of the corner of the ceiling. If you have a crown bar, dust it off. You can also clean ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. You should also dust the tops of indoor cabinets and tall furniture, such as closets. If you have a tight schedule that requires you to move and clean on the same day, the process of cleaning up your luggage will definitely generate dust so you can clean high places before moving your luggage. It will stain the spot you just cleaned.

  • Bathtub, Shower, Toilet Bowl

Like tiles, grouts and sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilet bowls are all susceptible to mould. Why? Due to the high humidity and water in the area. Fortunately, professional cleaners use the right cleaning products and tools to effectively remove yellowish stains and stinks. Combine both manual and mechanical scrubbing to actively remove these stains and rust.

Hope this check list save you from move out cleaning Melbourne mistakes.

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